Fatty Vaginal Lip Augmentation

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Fatty Vaginal Lip Augmentation Surgery

What is it?

Vaginal lip augmentation consists of doing a small liposuction of some area of ​​the body and then introducing it through a fat cannula to increase its volume and turgor, achieving better functionality and appearance. After filling the labia majora, we get more voluminous lips, which better cover the entrance to the vagina, preventing dryness and infections, as well as a more youthful appearance.

What should I consider?

  • Anaesthesia: Local
  • recovery: immediate
  • pain: under
  • results: Permanent
  • duration: 1 hours

Possible Results

What is included in the price?

  • Medical Assessment Appointment
  • Post surgical reviews
  • Surgery and recovery room
  • Supplies and medical fees