Frequently asked questions

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about your stay at Oporto Recovery or surgical aftercare.
We provide a serene, stress free atmosphere for your full recovery.

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  • Q What's included in my Oporto Recovery suite?

    A All of our Oporto Recovery Suites include:
    Private in-room bathroom and shower
    Expansive terrace for lounging and reading
    Hospital bed or regular beds, whichever you or your surgeon prefer
    Complimentary standard WiFi
    Hair dryer
    Flat screen TV
    Soft, ambient lighting
    Safe to secure your belongings
    Air conditioner

  • Q Can I entertain a visitor?

    A Yes! We understand how important it is to have support from friends and family during your medical recovery. For this reason, Oporto Recovery welcomes visitors who follow the appropriate protocols and guidelines.

  • Q Can I have a guest stay with me during my total or partial recovery time?

    A Absolutely! Guests are welcome to stay during your recovery process. Please let us know before you arrive if you plan to have a guest, as there are additional fees that apply.

  • Q Can Oporto Recovery arrange my transportation to and from doctor's appointments?

    A Our personal driver will provide safe, secure transportation to and from doctor's and follow-up appointments. We understand that some patients prefer being discreet, and we also find that eliminating the stress of a taxi improves the entire medical tourism experience.

  • Q Why should I stay at Oporto Recovery?

    A We understand that the most critical time for your body to recover following a medical procedure are the first 72 hours after surgery. At Oporto Recovery we offer upscale care and service so that our patients heal in a serene, peaceful, and stress-free environment. Our experienced post-op team offers customized medical attention along with compassionate care to ensure a successful healing process. We provide our guests with the best recovery experience available in Costa Rica.

  • Q Can you accommodate special dietary needs or restrictions?

    A At Oporto Recovery we pay special attention to your needs, and can provide special meal programs upon request, as well as juice cleanses and other healthy meals ideal for healing and recovery. For any dietary requests, please contact us.

  • Q What if I need to extend my stay following doctor's orders?

    A We understand that every patient’s recovery path varies and can change. For this reason, any guest who stays at Oporto Recovery has the opportunity to extend their stay at the same level of care and services.

  • Q How long before my procedure should I arrive at Oporto Recovery?

    A At Oporto Recovery we know how stressful medical procedures can be, especially in a foreign country. To help alleviate the stress you face being away from home, we require guests to arrive at least 2 days prior to their procedure. This is so patients can avoid any complications from long flights, as well as arrive on time for pre-operative appointments.

  • Q What should I bring with me for my medical recovery?

    A We recommend that guests travel light, as it will be very important not to lift heavy items or exert one's self following their medical procedure. Here in Costa Rica, we also experience pleasant weather throughout the year. For every procedure we recommend bringing:
    Comfortable nightgowns with front openings to avoid disturbing bandages or dressings and to make it easier to dress and undress. (This is especially important for facelift patients.)
    Loose-fitting, button-up shirts (perfect for abdominoplasty or breast augmentation patients)
    Loose-fitting, elastic-banded shorts or pants Comfy slippers or sandals
    Personal toiletries, medications, and sundries
    Any additional comfortable clothing, like a robe or shawl
    Kindle, e-reader, book, or tablet to help pass the time as you recover shoes or flip flops to be around the house as well as your toilet treats will be necessary during your recovery.
    Small bills of Costa Rican colones for gratuities during your stay
    Copies of passport
    Light snacks and low-sugar treats

  • Q Where is Oporto Recovery located?

    A We are located in Rohrmoser, an upscale neighborhood in San Jose, Costa Rica. We are in close proximity to all necessary services, including hospitals, clinics, banks, and grocery stores. At your doctor's discretion, we can also help to arrange nail and other beauty services!

I have a question not listed here. What should I do?

At Oporto Recovery we understand that medical tourism in Costa Rica is an experience! Both first-timers and experienced patients often have many questions, and we are here to help answer them all. It is very important that we ensure guests have the information they need to make informed decisions and feel at ease. Contact us today with any questions.