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Robotic Hair Transplant ARTAS Surgery

What is it?

The ARTAS robotic hair transplant, hair transplant or hair implant, is a minor surgery that is based on extracting hair from a healthy area of the scalp to later implant it in other unpopulated areas where we want to recover the hair or increase the density. The ARTAS robot uses three-dimensional visualization technology to digitally map the scalp, analyzing the position of each natural grouping of hairs, taking follicular units in a random pattern and leaving no perceptible scars to the human eye. The ARTAS system is an efficient method to collect large numbers of grafts and, compared to manual techniques, maximum density and coverage can be obtained in a single session.

Possible Results

What should I consider?

  • Anaesthesia: Local
  • recovery: 2-3 DAYS
  • pain: MODERATE
  • results: Permanent

What is included in the price?

  • Medical Consultation and Evaluation
  • Medical supplies
  • Surgical procedure
  • Medical fees and Post-Surgical evaluations.