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Costa Rica Remains Popular Medical Tourism

Medical Tourism is one of Costa Rica’s Best Kept Secrets and There are Many. With over 274,000 Medical Patients arriving from all over the World Enjoying World Class Medical Treatments at a Fraction of North American and EU Costs.

Costa Rican Cosmetic Anti Aging Treatments have become one of the Top North American & EU Destinations.

Rising healthcare costs and the millions of underinsured people in the United States have forced many to look elsewhere for their medical needs.

One of those options is Costa Rica, the small Central American nation that has some of the best healthcare in Latin America (and, as a result, a longer life expectancy than the United States).

Destination Point

With a variety of activities to do and breathtaking view and places to visit as a country with a verity of places to see from mountain, valley, beaches, birds, and more Costa Rica has been during many decades a destination point.

Costa Rica has a government-run universal public healthcare system, but it’s also home to dozens of private hospitals and clinics that offer quality services at affordable prices. For that reason, it has become a popular medical tourism destination, attracting some 20,000 people every year.

If you need affordable medical care but traveling abroad sounds daunting, Green Health Care (GHC) can help. The Costa Rica-based company, founded by a U.S. citizen, specializes in guiding medical tourists through the uncertainty that might otherwise come with seeking treatments internationally

Their concierge system matches patients with affordable hospitals and specialists, reducing costs by 40-70% without compromising on quality of care. From providing airport transportation to coordinating with medical professionals, GHC prioritizes good outcomes and satisfied patients — eliminating barriers that come between a patient and their doctor.

One of the ways GHC prioritizes patients is by affiliating with the best hospitals and clinics in the region. Their service gives patients the choice of 33 private hospitals around the world — many accredited by the Joint Commission, the United States’s oldest and largest health care accreditor.

But GHC doesn’t stop at just reviewing accreditation. To ensure a hospital, dental clinic or senior-living facility is right for patients, they visit the facilities to experience firsthand what they have to offer.

That’s why, on a Friday in early December, GHC staff were conducting a walkthrough of the lab, clinics and radiology facilities at Clínica Bíblica, Costa Rica’s longest-running private hospital

Clínica Bíblica is ranked as one of the 10 best Joint Commission-accredited hospitals in Latin America, and its 60-plus specialties make it a popular destination for Costa Ricans and medical tourists alike.

According to Rodolfo Garbanzo, Medical Education Director at Clinica Bíblica, about 40% of the hospital’s patients come from abroad. The majority come from the United States, where they seek inexpensive, high-quality care in specialties including orthopedics, dentistry and plastic surgery.

The hospital has all the amenities you’d expect from a modern care facility, such as a 24-hour clinical laboratory, access to the country’s best doctors and international-grade medical equipment.

But it also has features that help it stand out, such as multilingual staff, a 24-hour heliport, and private recovery rooms.

During GHC’s visit to Clínica Bíblica, its staff reviewed coronavirus protocols and interviewed doctors and administrators to ensure that the hospital remains an ideal choice for medical tourists.

That relationship between GHC and hospitals ensures that patients go to the right doctors with the best equipment. And their years of experience in the healthcare field helps make sure claims are accepted and reimbursed appropriately by insurance companies.

These days, traveling abroad is more difficult than it has been in years. Many countries have imposed entry restrictions, and fewer people are willing to travel. Without question, the coronavirus pandemic has hit the medical tourism industry hard.

For those who do choose to pursue medical care abroad, GHC helps patients meet entry requirements and travel safely. From consultations, to matching patients to doctors, to arranging travel and even providing airport transportation, Green Health Care makes sure nothing comes between the patient and the quality healthcare he or she deserves.

Patients are more than happy to be in Costa Rica for many reasons the medical healthcare is well known as good and great results, patients have the confidence of enjoying and pleasant experience in Costa Rica while having their procedure done.